Destiny…How appropriate.

The last book in The Hunter’s Novel Book Series, Destiny, will be released on December 18th. It will be available for pre-order starting December 10th.

I cannot believe that I have three books published. And that in a years time I have put myself out there three times. It’s terrifying, exhilarating and rewarding in ways I had never expected.

Of course, it’s hard when someone doesn’t like your work, but it’s been amazing. I have support from so many people and I appreciate and LOVE each and every one of you.

So, next year should be just as amazing and wonderful. Thank you all so much and please keep reading. I will be releasing a spin off to The Hunter’s Series in 2016, after I release my standalone romance and my humor/coming of age (she’s in her 40’s) books.


Is this thing (brain) on?

I am having one of those…”That’s it! I’ve reached my limit! I quit!” Moments.  You know the ones.  The ones where no matter how hard you try to do something, or write something, it doesn’t turn out right. But take into consideration this: maybe it wasn’t supposed to come out the way you thought it should.  When your character and story take you to a new place you never saw coming? Sometimes that’s a beautiful thing and you should embrace it, instead of yelling in its face. Wooosaahhh. “Okay, I’m ready to go again.”

The Digital Age

So, here we are, 2015. I used to revel in the feel of a paper book. Now, I can’t live without my phone and my kindle app. The access to digital material is so simple, anyone can read anything, for the right price.

The second book in The Hunter’s Series, Darkness, comes out July 18, 2015, and I decided to try and give the first book away free on Amazon Kindle to boost interest in the second book. It has been unbelievable. I am averaging about 5 people/hour downloading my book (where would I be without KDP?). Apparently, free is the right price. But I have to be honest with myself. I am a new author. And as a reader, I used to download free books like it was my job. Overall, I am happy with my decision and just hope that there will be enough interest generated for the second book. Otherwise, at least people had a chance to read my book…right?

Crawling Inside a Character’s Head

As an author, nothing is more engulfing and, at times, confusing than being someone else. The depth at which I crawl into a character’s head is astounding at times; it’s also extremely important.

My creative writing professor in college taught me four valuable lessons when it comes to writing:

1. Sometimes the best thing you can do is trash the story you’ve got and start from the beginning on something new.

2. (I found him out wandering around on campus during finals at about 4:00 a.m…odd? No. For him, the character he had crawled into, it was his normal) It’s okay to be someone else for a little while, as long as you can still be you, too.

3. Tell the story that’s never been told.

4. A story must be character driven. It’s good to have a good setting, but even more important that if you took that character and set them on a deserted island to see what happened, it would still thrive…Castaway, for instance.
I share this with you because I think these are all ways to becoming a great author. I have a short story I wrote in college in Robert Olmstead’s(the man who gave me all that advice) class, that was an utter and complete crazy ass story, but it was freeing to write about something so outrageous and utterly unique. Maybe I will share it with the world one day.
Either way, I hope your writing improves every day. We are all a work in progress.

I’ve been reading…I know, crazy…

So I just started the new Darynda Jones novel: Eighth Grave After Dark, and was so sad to see that there is only one book left after this one.  At least, that is what my Kindle told me.  I sniffed a little, and kept on reading.  But it was definitely one of those moments where I was like, MAN now I only have two series I read religiously.  I NEED MORE.  I love reading and writing.  I live for the two.  Anyone else? Anyone?….:)


So, life is never easy, right? I decided to self-publish. Let me tell you, it was no walk in the park. In fact there was little to no walking for about a week as I formatted, read, advertised, got social media accounts etc. up and running. My family must really love me to put up with me for that week. Wow. The end results were e-book, paperback, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and this website. 🙂